Food Photography At Its Finest – How do ya like them Apples?

BP Imaging food photography two red apples

On November 3rd all across Ontario it was “Take Your Grade 9 Kid To Work Day”. This year, BP imaging‘s John Lynch took his son Josh and got him involved in a photo shoot. Lucky because he didn’t have to go to school, but did he realize that I was going to make him work hard? I don’t think so. Anyway, we started with him cleaning up the photography studio and by noon he had done a pretty good job. So being the good Dad I am, I took him to Wendy’s (his suggestion) for lunch. On our way back we picked up some apples from Longo’s to get Josh involved in shooting his first official shoot. It was time to show Josh what his Dad really did, food photography at it’s finest!! I showed him the camera, put down the background and had him setup the apples for a little photoshoot. He started simple with a couple of apples and I had him add some more from there. So Josh got a 101 in food photography, and I got some great 1 on 1 time with my son!

Have a look at the progression, I think in the end he came up with some pretty great results!!

See for yourself…

BP Imaging food photography grouped red applesBP Imaging food photography red appleBP Imaging food photography red and yellow apples picturesBP Imaging food photography red apples on wooden boardBP Imaging food photography cut in half red apples BP Imaging food photography red apple from Longo's

Let Josh know your thoughts and suggestions!!

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