BP imaging Food Photography For The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

BP imaging Food Cheeseburger Photography

In the long hot summer of 2012 BP imaging undertook a large menu photography project for The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro.

The Works has its roots in Ottawa, Ontario. The gourmet burger bistro is relatively new to Southern Ontario, but is growing very fast. What made this chain so popular is the huge variety of burgers on the menu to suit anyones appetite. Although the menus vary somewhat based on location (often featuring burgers named for local celebrities), the menus usually contain around 80 unique burgers!

BP imaging Food Works Burgers Photography-Big_Ben_Plus

Each hamburger has its own name and its own combination of premium gourmet toppings. Tanya Eng was the food stylist, who worked with professional commercial food photographer John Lynch on this project. Tanya worked with a wide variety of ingredients including peanut butter, banana, avocado, blue cheese, double smoke bacon, pineapple, eggs and onion rings.

One of the main challenges of this shoot was melting the different cheeses – from Brie to Havarti, Swiss to Gouda and everything in between.

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Using Natural Spring Light For Food Photography

BP imaging Food Dessert Photography Natural Spring Light

With the added one hour of daylight and the beautiful clear and sunny weather, we at BP imaging can take advantage and make for some great natural light food photography. We had fun experimenting with this Raspberry Clafoutis while we waited for the next shot that the food stylist was preparing. With five windows 4′x4′ in our studio it allows for some great and unique lighting styles. A talented food stylist always helps to make the food look even more appetizing. Enjoy!

Bochsler Photo imaging Food Dessert Photography Raspberry Pie SlicedBP imaging Food Dessert Photography Raspberry Pie

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BP imaging Food Photography For Melt Magazine Fall / Winter 2011

BPimaging Food Photography Melt Magazine Fall Winter 2011 Cover

A couple of months ago we shot the food photography for the Fall / Winter 2011 edition of Melt Magazine for Tre Stelle, through OK&D Marketing. The sun was out and weather was gorgeous so we were able to utilize the natural daylight through our studio windows.

BP imaging Food Photography Melt Magazine Fall Winter 2011 Bread StickBP imaging Food Photography Melt Magazine Fall Winter 2011 Egg Pasta

The exciting part about using the suns natural light is controlling it using different mirrors and cards to control the intensity and angle. The mirrors help add extra light and the cards help decrease and block the light that is unnecessary. This is a critical part of what food / drink photography is all about, making the light and composition do what you want it to do.

Let us know what you think!

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Food Photography Action Shot – The Pizza Pull

BP imaging Food Photography Pizza Pull

There are many challenges in food photography some include the lighting and presentation of the food by the stylist. The other week the food stylist and I had to do an action shot that required a pizza pull to show the stretching of the cheese. With the pizza pull action shot you really only get one or two chances to have a winning photograph before you’ve got to start again. In our case, we got the results we wanted on our second pizza.

The stylist made the pizzas and pre-cut the slice. After that she places the cheese on top, cooks it, adds the toppings and bakes it again. When the pizza is brought to the set, the lifter is already sitting in place to avoid having any unnecessary extra steps. The pizza is then lowered over the lifter and the photograph is taken. Within minutes the shot can be done. I think we got very good results with this. Let us know what you think!

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BP imaging Food Photography For Melt Magazine Spring / Summer 2011

Bochsler Photo imaging Food and Drink Photography Natural Light Studio

About 8 weeks ago BP imaging did all the food photography for the new Spring / Summer issue of Melt Magazine by Tre Stelle featuring their cheese products in every day cooking items. There was not a single flash used the entire photo shoot. Thanks to good weather and longer days we were able to shoot everything with the natural lighting through the bank of windows in our daylight studio.

BP imaging Food Photography Melt Magazine Spring Summer 2011 Cover

Using different mirrors and black cards to increase or decrease the light intensity from the product made for a fun experience. Our clients are always intrigued at the high quality and texture that comes with natural lighting. Nothing can beat the sun as a light source! As photographers, it is our job to position the food and product to maximize the use of the natural light available. Our client, OK&D Marketing Group, takes the images and puts it all together into the final magazine seen below.

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Teriyaki Experience Food Menu Photography

BP Imaging food photography teriyaki experience hot spicy pork

About a month ago I started a menu board photography for Teriyaki Experience. It started small and kept growing. We ended up shooting both Canadian and USA menu boards, now that was a surprise. How often do we get to shoot the USA versions?

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Beverage Photography For Girls Night Out Wine (Play Advertising)

Recently BP imaging was asked to do some photography for Colio Estates Winery (Play Advertising).

BP imaging Beverage Photography Girls Night Out Flavoured Wine Citrusberry Twist

It sounded simple enough at first: shoot Girls Night Out flavoured wine bottles sitting on a table beside a pool on a summer day. Upon closer inspection we realized that there was no sun, no summer and no pool. We would have to wait weeks before we could have the real environment for the shot.

BP imaging Beverage Photography Girls Night Out Flavoured Wine Darkberry Duet

The client preferred to have the shot composed in camera rather than a photoshopped construction of the separate elements required for the photograph. We knew we would have to come up with something in our studio that was practical to achieve yet give our clients the best possible result.

There were many elements that came to mind and even a consideration of filling up an above ground pool in our studio! However, we didn’t have the time to prepare and it would be a nightmare to set up, not to mention it would have increased the cost for the shot immensely.

We remembered a concept we learned about to produce the visual effect of a pool. The approach is to spread out a few big rolls of blue paper across the studio floor and place plastic wrap across the surface. To create depth we had built a small frame to span the wrap across so it wouldn’t be directly on top of the blue paper. We set the lights to reflect off the surface of the clear wrap to match the effect of the sun on calm pool water. The layers of plastic wrap gave it a realistic rippling effect that work very well.

We placed the table in front and arranged the wine bottles. We then spritzed the wine bottles for that refreshing / wet look. As the main subject of the shot, the bottles were in the foreground and the “pool” was out of focus in the distance.

The end use is for two ads promoting a contest for their Girls’ Night Out branded flavoured wine beverage in the LCBO Food and Drink Magazine. Let us know what you think of our drink / beverage photo shoot.

Spring Rolls Restaurant Photography Shoot – It’s Sushi Time!

BP Imaging food photography sushi with fish eggs wasabi and ginger

At the start of the year I dove into some food photography. Not just any kind of food, it was sushi time. An ever increasingly popular and healthy choice for your everyday diet. Not only did we have a food stylist but a sushi chef as well, to create his magic. This was a new launch for Spring Rolls restaurants out of Toronto with their agency As You Like It Marketing. That’s the great part of being a food photographer, you get to try lots of new foods! Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Drink Photography For Kittling Ridge And Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky

BP imaging Drink Photography John Hall

Around 10 years ago I photographed my first shot of John Hall (Owner / Winemaker / Whisky Maker of Kittling Ridge).

I never thought that image would be such a signature photograph for Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky. It is a simple yet iconic shot of a whisky maker checking the quality of his product. For many years it has been used in marketing material to promote and give people a look at the process behind the final product.

Bochsler Photography Drink Photography Whisky Distillery

About a month ago Duff Advertising to try and come up with an alternate and more modern photo of John Hall (above). With the combined creativity of everyone involved, we came up with an interesting alternative. Whether it has the potential to replace the original photo is the question.

We’ve also photographed a wide variety of drink photography from Kittling Ridge over the years. Be sure to look at all the images and let us know what you think!

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Food Photography At Its Finest – How do ya like them Apples?

BP Imaging food photography two red apples

On November 3rd all across Ontario it was “Take Your Grade 9 Kid To Work Day”. This year, BP imaging‘s John Lynch took his son Josh and got him involved in a photo shoot. Lucky because he didn’t have to go to school, but did he realize that I was going to make him work hard? I don’t think so. Anyway, we started with him cleaning up the photography studio and by noon he had done a pretty good job. So being the good Dad I am, I took him to Wendy’s (his suggestion) for lunch. On our way back we picked up some apples from Longo’s to get Josh involved in shooting his first official shoot. It was time to show Josh what his Dad really did, food photography at it’s finest!! I showed him the camera, put down the background and had him setup the apples for a little photoshoot. He started simple with a couple of apples and I had him add some more from there. So Josh got a 101 in food photography, and I got some great 1 on 1 time with my son!

Have a look at the progression, I think in the end he came up with some pretty great results!!

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