BP imaging Food Photography For The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

BP imaging Food Cheeseburger Photography

In the long hot summer of 2012 BP imaging undertook a large menu photography project for The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro.

The Works has its roots in Ottawa, Ontario. The gourmet burger bistro is relatively new to Southern Ontario, but is growing very fast. What made this chain so popular is the huge variety of burgers on the menu to suit anyones appetite. Although the menus vary somewhat based on location (often featuring burgers named for local celebrities), the menus usually contain around 80 unique burgers!

BP imaging Food Works Burgers Photography-Big_Ben_Plus

Each hamburger has its own name and its own combination of premium gourmet toppings. Tanya Eng was the food stylist, who worked with professional commercial food photographer John Lynch on this project. Tanya worked with a wide variety of ingredients including peanut butter, banana, avocado, blue cheese, double smoke bacon, pineapple, eggs and onion rings.

One of the main challenges of this shoot was melting the different cheeses – from Brie to Havarti, Swiss to Gouda and everything in between.

BPimaging Works Hamburgers Food Photography

All in all though, the project went very smoothly as we shot 5 or 6 burgers a day for several weeks. The Works have already added even more burgers to the menu since summer and we’ve had them back in the studio for to shoot some new products.

If you get a chance give these burgers a try, they’re opening new restaurants all the time.

BPimaging Works Wheres Cathy Hamburger Photography

Bochsler Photo imaging Variety Works Burger Photography

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