Beverage Photography For Girls Night Out Wine (Play Advertising)

Recently BP imaging was asked to do some photography for Colio Estates Winery (Play Advertising).

BP imaging Beverage Photography Girls Night Out Flavoured Wine Citrusberry Twist

It sounded simple enough at first: shoot Girls Night Out flavoured wine bottles sitting on a table beside a pool on a summer day. Upon closer inspection we realized that there was no sun, no summer and no pool. We would have to wait weeks before we could have the real environment for the shot.

BP imaging Beverage Photography Girls Night Out Flavoured Wine Darkberry Duet

The client preferred to have the shot composed in camera rather than a photoshopped construction of the separate elements required for the photograph. We knew we would have to come up with something in our studio that was practical to achieve yet give our clients the best possible result.

There were many elements that came to mind and even a consideration of filling up an above ground pool in our studio! However, we didn’t have the time to prepare and it would be a nightmare to set up, not to mention it would have increased the cost for the shot immensely.

We remembered a concept we learned about to produce the visual effect of a pool. The approach is to spread out a few big rolls of blue paper across the studio floor and place plastic wrap across the surface. To create depth we had built a small frame to span the wrap across so it wouldn’t be directly on top of the blue paper. We set the lights to reflect off the surface of the clear wrap to match the effect of the sun on calm pool water. The layers of plastic wrap gave it a realistic rippling effect that work very well.

We placed the table in front and arranged the wine bottles. We then spritzed the wine bottles for that refreshing / wet look. As the main subject of the shot, the bottles were in the foreground and the “pool” was out of focus in the distance.

The end use is for two ads promoting a contest for their Girls’ Night Out branded flavoured wine beverage in the LCBO Food and Drink Magazine. Let us know what you think of our drink / beverage photo shoot.

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